Welcome to Agreenco

What we do

Agreenco offers new generation mine rehabilitation and environmental improvement services to minesWe view our customer’s environmental liabilities as natural assetsand scientifically interconnect the mine’s environmental infrastructure to transform minescapes naturally in the interest and to the benefit of all stakeholders. 

We have become renowned as the go-to specialists and practitioners when expert solutions for mine rehabilitation, tailings environmental challenges, dust control, waste water management, ecological improvement and final mine closure practices are sought after. Our specialised team crafts sitespecific solutions through the full value chain of our discipline, from engineering design to implementation and maintenance of our solutions. As part of our partnership approach, we offer a one-stop shop for the environmental rehabilitation and improvement needs of our customers.

Furthermore, we are pioneering legacy end-land use projects for minespackaging viable commercial enterprises on unproductive and impacted land in order to reactivate the full potential of our customers’ natural assets.  Our offerings are acutely aligned with the industry’s transformation requirements thereby delivering on their social licence to operate.  

Transforming minescapes naturally



Philosophy – At Agreenco we believe in outstanding service. We therefore strive to continuously exceed expectations through constant evaluation and communication regarding our proposed course of action to reach our customers’ final objectives. As we have a share in the success of the outcomes, we follow a partnered approach. To this end, we only consider ourselves successful, once we have delivered to our customer an environmental return on investment.

Approach – Driven by our passion for continual improvement and best cost-of-ownership solutions, our sole objective is to deliver exceptional environmental results. As we understand the business case of our customers’ environmental risk management requirements, we develop and implement our projects accordingly. However, the specific outcomes are first and foremost defined by the needs of our customers.

Mission – Leading Mine Environmental Rehabilitation Practice: Scientifically, Economically, Sustainably.

BBBEE Status
– Agreenco is pleased to announce that we are a Level 1 BBBEE contributor in accordance with the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, as amended. This achievement underscores our commitment to promoting economic empowerment and fostering inclusivity within our organization and the broader community.

Our History – Over the past 20 years, Agreenco has grown from a classical university start-up company to a leading role player in the environmental services domain, and our brand has become synonymous with demonstrable environmental improvement in the South African mining industry. Today, our services are sought after by virtually all of the Blue Chip mining companiesWe believe that our success can be attributed to our foundation in environmental engineering as well as the natural and agricultural sciences coupled with the recruitment of dedicated and wellqualified personnel.  We pride ourselves on our track record of more than 200 largescale projects across all commodities and virtually all environmental challenges that are common to the mining industry today.

Interconnected customer services

Our business is built upon nine key customer services



Haul Road Dust Control

As we understand the dust mechanics of haul roads and the associated risks of these for mining operations, we are able to offer the lowest cost-of-ownership dust control applications in the market


Mine Land Rehabilitation

We understand the prerequisite of a scientific approach to land rehabilitation,  we are able to develop, implement and manage the complete value chain of land rehabilitation with closure in mind.


Tailings Environmental Solutions

We specialise in taming the environmental impacts of tailings including dust control, seepage treatment, rehabilitation, biodiversity impacts, spill management as well as closure of decommissioned facilities.


Agribusiness & Bioenergy

At Agreenco, we are able to unlock the substantial opportunity that mine-owned agricultural land offers to restore viable agribusiness and secondary down-streaming of agronomic potential. 


Waste Water Management

At Agreenco, our engineers design, build and operate natural water treatment systems, often in combination with civil infrastructure, where nature has the capacity to attenuate the water quality.



We have developed a unique risk based approach to deal with environmental remediation design, applied air and water quality improvement expertise, and realistic end land use options.


Mine Closure Projects

We offer a wide range of services to ensure a safe post mining landscape, to protect the natural environment and to beneficiate the remaining environmental resources as part of economic value creation potential.


Biodiversity, Carbon & Invader Plant Control

At Agreenco, we are passionate about assisting our customers with novel biodiversity solutions, which consider carbon management. We protect biodiversity and optimise this asset during the life of a mine.


Environmental Infrastructure

At Agreenco, we strive to ensure that nature and industrial activities co-exist through our signature environmental designs and track record of consciously green, expert implementation. 

International reach

Agreenco is successfully operating in selective African countries

Agreenco is successfully extending its services into selective African countries and true to its reputation in South Africa, we can leverage our experience in the African context and apply site specific innovation to the benefit of our customers and the community at large. We customise our service offering according to each country’s specific legislation, implementing our customers’ on site intent, also considering the culture of the people and organisations that we deal with.