Scientific, realistic, and effective solutions

Unique risk based and quantifiable approach

Integrated applications to meet site specific needs

Environmental Systems Thinking

Our Agreenco team of expert environmental engineers and scientists has become the trademark of the Agreenco way – scientific, realistic and effective.  We have developed a unique risk-based approach to deal with environmental remediation and land use challenges to provide our customers with best cost-of-ownership solutions.  Our multidisciplinary foundation and exposure to various commodities and biomes offer us the expertise to interconnect data offered by the on-site resource base in order to engineer feasible and site-specific outcomes for our customers.  These include land rehabilitation designs, mine closure plans, constructed wetlands, passive care water attenuation systems, air quality risk frameworks with respect to dust mitigation, landscape and ecosystem function designs, land use and agricultural potential assessments, environmental performance appraisals, biodiversity improvement plans, rehabilitation quality assessments and improved landscape design.  Our edge remains custom-designed solutions considering our customer’s site- specific needs and environmental performance commitments

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Tailings Environmental Solutions

Tailings facilities are renowned for their associated environmental challenges.  Solving these challenges are just a routine day at the office for the Agreenco team since we understand the operational priorities and construction methodologies of our customers.  We specialise in taming the environmental impacts brought about by these mysterious landscapes which include dust control, seepage treatment, rehabilitation, biodiversity impacts, spill management as well as closure and long-term maintenance of decommissioned facilities. Our strength is our scientific approach towards planning, designing, implementation and monitoring of environmental results achieved as a result of our interventions.  Furthermore, we incorporate our solutions as part of the day-to-day operation of the facility without any interference in order to minimise cost during the life of the operation and maximise long-term environmental effectiveness.  

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Dust suppression

Rehabilitation and erosion control

Invasive Plant Control

Seepage Management

Decommissioning of Tailings

Haul Road Dust Control

Lowest cost dust suppression

Most environmentally friendly products

Increased productivity through advanced safety

Quantifiable Success

At Agreenco we understand the dust mechanics of haul roads and the associated risks of these for mining operations. This knowledge allows us to offer the lowest cost-of-ownership dust control applications in the market.. We have been on the forefront of product development of low cost, environmentally friendly and extremely effective soil stabilisers.  We also fully understand the environmental management requirements pertaining to air quality and can therefore propose integrated management solutions that will not only reduce reputational risk but also save substantially on cost. To this end, we provide detailed on-site application solutions and can provide real-time monitoring data through our DustTrack units which saves our customers millions.  As our treated areas are non-slippery and we are able to reduce truck following distance, our customers are able to increase productivity of their operations by improved safety performance.

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Mine Land Rehabilitiation

Rehabilitation of disturbed land as per our definition and experience is both a combination of art and science. The intricacies of self-sustainable ecosystem development on rehabilitated mined land require a specialised but multidisciplinary project approach and unique expertise to ensure feasible outcomes. At Agreenco we understand the prerequisite of a scientific approach to land rehabilitation projects as we develop, implement and manage the complete value chain of land rehabilitation with closure in mind. Whether it entails the full closure design, reshaping and storm water control, soil amelioration, re-vegetation and afforestation, or final cover maintenance and the required monitoring, we offer it all.  This approach has differentiated us for more than 20 years and we are proud of a project list exceeding 250 large-scale projects on open cast, tailings storage facilities, mining infrastructure and derelict mined land.

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Productive rehabilitated land

Restored ecosystem services

Most advanced track record

Best cost of ownership

AgriBusiness & BioEnergy

Sustainable socio-commercial ventures

Environmental Return on Investment

Secondary beneficiation to benefit all stakeholders

BioEnergy. Cropping. Herding. Maintenance

Agreenco unlocks the substantial opportunity that mine-owned agricultural land offers to restore viable agribusiness and secondary down-streaming of potential. Agreenco is the catalyst to restore previously productive use of land through our specialist land use and agri-engineering approach whereby we either transform mine-owned land to economic use, or rehabilitate land through agricultural applications. Through this approach, we deliver a telling environmental return on environmental expenditure to our customers. Our applications include cropping, fodder, animal husbandry, bioenergy options, game and conservation opportunities as well as the secondary beneficiation scope that exists in order to accelerate the business case of the options we provide.  Our agribusiness offering also aligns with our customers’ social agenda in order to create employment, contribute to the socio-economic improvement of the areas in which they operate and reinforce their reputation as responsible corporate citizens. These initiatives aid the alleviation of food security brought about by the reduction in agricultural land and are also beneficial to the integrity of the environment at large.

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Waste Water Management

Agreenco believes in the grey water purification potential of natural treatment processes.  We design, build and operate passive water treatment systems, often in combination with civil infrastructure, where nature has the capacity to attenuate the water quality.  Natural water treatment processes are known to be the most cost-effective solution where reinstated ecosystem infrastructure has the capacity to clean the water. We also specialise in the operation and management of sewage water treatment systems, design and implementation of natural mine water attenuation processes and constructed wetlands.  Our team is experienced and classified according to the legal operational requirements of the Department of Water Affairs.

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Natural Treatment Systems

Constructed Wetlands and Phyto-remediation

Qualified Operators

Treatment, Irrigation, Dust Control

Environmental Infrastructure


Pollution Containment (Liners)

Responsible Pipelines

Erosion Control

Design and Implementation

At Agreenco we strive to ensure that nature and industrial activities co-exist through our signature environmental designs and track record of green, expert implementation.  We manage the project and install infrastructure, such as slurry and water pipelines, launder and dam liners, dust suppression irrigation cannon systems, interception boreholes and pumping systems, containment bund walls for spill protection, erosion control measures such as gabions and custom applications as well as environmentally friendly haul roads. Our offering is differentiated through our understanding of the holistic impact that industrial operations might have and through our environmentally considerate approach we have managed to be pro-active in the day to day protection of natural assets. In this way we not only assist our customers with compliance, but reduce the cost of environmental incidents as well.

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Mine Closure Projects

The field of mine closure is regarded as a complex and undefined activity which is often only explained by the closure quantum liability and is practically depicted by derelict and devastated landscapes.  At Agreenco, we relish the opportunity to be creative with the opportunities offered by the resources and infrastructure created by mines over time.  Our solutions are as diverse as our expertise in this domain and entail a wide range of services with the primary objectives to ensure a safe landscape, to protect the natural environment and to beneficiate the remaining resources as part of economic value creation potential.  These may include the recycling of infrastructure, the rehabilitation of stockpiles, the reuse and beneficiation of remaining oversize materials and the application of potential economically viable practices such as industrial development, agricultural activities and several other creative options.

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Understanding complete value chain

Creative end-land uses and stable minescapes

Quantifiable closure objectives met

Discounted environmental liability


Functional Novel Ecosystems

Carbon Sequestration and Reduced Carbon Tax

Invasive plant Management Systems

Holistic Biodiversity Management

Mining areas are renowned for their high biodiversity status and it is often difficult to manage this precious attribute of the landscape. At Agreenco, we have a passion to assist our customers not only to protect biodiversity, but also to optimise this asset during the life of a mine.  A thorough biodiversity assessment usually informs our proposed actions.  We also utilise biodiversity as a rehabilitation agent in order to fast track the reinstatement of ecosystem services on rehabilitated land.  Our projects include large scale afforestation and selective revegetation processes.  We also eradicate alien and invasive plants which may threaten the integrity of ecosystems around mines and water courses.  An added benefit of our revegetation approach is to create carbon sinks in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers and also to sequester carbon back into the soil.    

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